money tree 974x1024 Money Does Grow On Trees

My Uncle Joe was around seven years old when he moved from Italy to Boston. Growing up he heard that in the US money grows on trees. One day while staying at Uncle Rocco’s house it occurred to him to try it out.

He had only been in the US a few weeks. He opened a jar of pennies that our Uncle Resco had saved and began dumping them onto the backyard.

When Uncle Rocco asked him what he was doing, he said he was getting things started by planting the money.

Fast-forward 60 years. Joe Pace is a successful businessman.

Money may not literally grow on trees here, but the United States has created many opportunities for many people like my Uncle Joe.

Paulis father Papa Ed Felix Martignetti and Uncle Joe circa 1968 3 1024x795 Money Does Grow On Trees














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