What lobster rolls mean to Boston and New England

What lobster rolls mean to Boston and New England

We believe that when it comes to lobster rolls, Boston is the unofficial capital of the world. New England is world famous for seafood, and it is said that we boast the freshest, and most skillfully prepared seafood dishes on the planet. For those of you that don’t know what a lobster roll is, it is quite simply, a sandwich consisting of a roll stuffed with lobster meat. There are several different variations of lobster rolls. Boston restaurant goers will often find that the chunks of meat in lobster rolls are either coated “Maine-style” with mayonnaise or “Traditional-style” with melted butter. Both ways are very popular. The rolls themselves are usually served toasted, non-toasted or as we do at Pauli’s, grilled to perfection so you have a buttery crispy flavor. To spice up their lobster rolls, Boston chefs often use additional ingredients such as lettuce, celery, lemon juice, cracked black pepper, etc. for a unique, flavorful touch. Mainly served alongside fries or potato chips, lobster rolls are a Boston staple, and a New England summertime classic.

The significance of lobster rolls, Boston and New England

Now, if you grew up, or have spent the majority of your life in New England, the popularity and significance of lobster rolls might not come by as much of a surprise. This is because New England culture always highly regards lobster rolls. Boston eaters have enjoyed these culinary delights for well over half a century, and the sandwich has become ingrained in the culture of the area. As Bostonians, we are proud of what makes us unique. From our city’s historical significance, bustling universities and businesses, and world-class sports teams, Boston is one of the most famous cities in the entire world. Unforgettable food is a main attraction of Boston, and one of the most prevalent building blocks of Boston cuisine are the delicious lobster rolls. Boston took the seafood sandwich to new heights after its conception in Connecticut in 1929. As one of the country’s top food destinations, Boston took it upon itself to master the creation of lobster rolls. Boston restaurants started serving many tasty versions of the popular sandwich, and eaters were amazed with the quality of all its elements, from the bun to the fresh lobster meat itself. As one of the nation’s renowned areas for lobster fishing, getting fresh lobsters daily in New England is not nearly as difficult as in other regions of the country. This allows for lobster rolls Boston residents know possess a superior level of freshness, flavor, and quality. At Pauli’s in the North End, we have been in the Boston culinary sphere for many years. We know how to succeed as a restaurant in the highly competitive North End, and we always cook from the heart. This is why we have a wide range of frequent visitors, and consistently returning customers. We know Boston food, and because of this, we excel at making lobster rolls. Boston eaters have praised our fresh offerings for many years, and they stop by again and again to experience what we have to offer. We know that lobster rolls are a staple food for the Boston community, so it is only natural that we know how to make great ones.

Pauli’s lobster rolls, Boston favorites

At Pauli’s, we have been crafting top quality lobster rolls for years. We make every sandwich with care, always using the freshest lobster meat daily. Our traditional lobster rolls feature succulent chunks of flavor-packed meat from the claws, knuckles, and tail of the lobster. The lobster meat is coated with mayo or hot butter, whatever you prefer, and we serve it all up on a fresh, toasted New England style hot dog roll. It’s delicious, and we wouldn’t have it other way. It doesn’t get much more “New England” than Pauli’s lobster rolls. Boston residents and visitors alike have been raving about the marriage of distinct local flavors we create. There are dozens of places to get lobster rolls in Boston, from the New England seafood restaurants, to even Fenway Park. The lobster roll is a must have item on most Boston menus, and it can be found in just about any part of the city. However, if you want your Boston lobster roll prepared by someone Boston-born and bred with a lifelong passion for fresh, flavorful New England food, look no further than Pauli’s in the historic North End. Pauli is known to pour his heart and soul into his cooking, as it is his true passion. His fire shows up in the unmatched flavor and quality of his food, and this same effort is put into the creation of all our lobster rolls. Boston is our home, and Pauli uses his experience and passion to consistently obtain the freshest and absolute best ingredients for his lobster rolls. Boston locals know that Pauli never slacks in his efforts, as he does everything short of bringing up the traps himself! To learn more about Pauli and the great work that he does, visit this page.

You can’t go wrong with lobster rolls in Boston and New England

No matter what, you can’t really go wrong with lobster rolls in Boston. New England is the true home of the lobster roll, and great seafood in general. If you are a longtime Boston local, you probably already know about Pauli’s delicious lobster rolls. If not, what are you waiting for? We provide truly authentic lobster rolls Boston food experts are proud of. We take pride in our lobster rolls, and the rest of our catering and takeout menus. We understand if you are a local and happen to have not experienced a Pauli’s lobster roll, because of the wealth of options in New England, but if you are a tourist who wants to get the full Boston experience, you should not settle for anything but the best. When in Boston, eat like you’re in Boston! People from around the globe praise our lobster rolls. Our Boston restaurant is the hotspot for lobster rolls and many other uniquely “Boston” specialty dishes. If you want to know more, check us out on Google+ for all the latest happenings at Pauli’s.

Regardless of the season, whenever you want fresh, flavorful lobster rolls, Boston residents can turn to their New England roots at Pauli’s in the North End.

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