Red Sox Home Opener Specialty Hot Dog Menu

Based on the argument that a sandwich is anything between two pieces of bread, Paul Barker, the sandwich king of Boston will be celebrating the Red Sox home opener by featuring one of America’s favorite foods the hot dog! On April 11thwe will launch its all new Hot Dog Menu!

Hot dog lovers can of course enjoy one of these premium ¼ all beef grilled beauties with the regular fixings such as ketchup, mustard, sauerkraut, onion and relish ($3.99), but those willing to step out of their culinary comfort zone may appreciate items such as the “Surf & Turf” with a ¼ pound all beef hot dog American cheese, hickory smoked bacon and fresh lobster meat on a large braided roll ($23.99). Show your support by “Green Monsta’ sizing” it by adding avocado! Want your hot dogs in a different format? Try the “Hot Dog Grilled Cheese” on buttery Texas toast stuffed with griddled hot dogs and cheese(s) of your choice ($6.99), or try the “Hot Dog Mac n’ Cheese” with Pauli’s famous four cheese mac n’ cheese sauce and smoky all beef franks ($12.99). Grab one pre or post game!










Pictured: The Surf & Turf Hot Dog

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