Paul Barker, owner of Pauli’s, is known for his outrageous, original, overstuffed sandwich creations that have kept customers from all over the world coming back for 10 years and counting. Night and day, he and his dedicated staff obsess on what new and exciting menu items they can come up with.

Paul says, “It’s not just about making a good sandwich or even a great sandwich, it’s about being inspired to create a sandwich that’s unexpected; something different that customers just won’t find anyplace else. It’s about taking the familiar and putting our own special spin on it— it’s about sandwich-izing. We can make anything into a sandwich. If you like, we can sandwich-ize it.”

Some of Pauli’s “sandwich-ized” tried and true fan favorites include The Vito— a craveable concoction inspired by Soprano’s star Joe Gannascoli who played the character “Vito” on the show. Back in 2012, Gannascoli walked into Pauli’s and said to Paul, “I will make you famous.”

Right then and there, he and Paul took some of Joe’s favorites and created the best-seller which consists of fresh chicken cutlets, imported ham, provolone cheese, roasted red peppers, lettuce, tomatoes and homemade chipotle mayo served on a fresh baked braided roll.

Other mouth-watering originals include The Fat Felix, inspired by manager and “sandwichizer-in-residence” Felix Martignetti. This sandwich is the ultimate indulgence featuring your choice of from-scratch, house marinated steak tips or shaved steak, topped with a decadent, homemade, three-cheese sauce, crispy bacon and french fries on a fresh sub roll.

Then there’s the Skinny Vinny stuffed with homemade eggplant, roasted red peppers, fresh mozzarella and Pauli’s signature pesto sauce. Of course, none of the afore mentioned sandwiches are to be outdone by popular patron favorites like the Mama Lucca, the Killer B, the Pauli-tician, the Jamaican-Me Crazy or The Anthem.

And when it comes to lobster, Pauli’s has you more than covered, from the ZAGAT-rated, famous lobster roll and overstuffed lobster sub to the monstrous USS Lobstitution which was featured on Food Network’s Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives and given two fist bumps and a thumbs up from Guy Fieri himself!

For something a little more manageable, try the sky-high lobster grilled cheese or the newest sandwich in the Pauli’s lobster franchise—the Pauli’s Lobster BLT. Think it’s like the other basic BLTs you’ve had? Think again. This is a BLT that’s cranked up to the max, with sweet knuckle and claw lobster meat, thick cut bacon, fresh lettuce, tomato, fresh smashed avocado and our signature chipotle mayo piled high on your choice of toasted fresh bread. There’s so much lobster and good stuff in there, you’ll barely be able to clamp mouth around this one—but trust us—you’ll be glad you did.

Got an idea for the next, soon-to-be famous Pauli’s sandwich? Tell us about it and maybe we’ll just sandwich-ize it. Of course, we’ll give you props and a $100 gift card if we do.

Sandwich-ize ideas can be emailed to:

In the meantime, we’ll keep sandwichizing on our own, so come in and get a taste of what’s new.

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