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  • “Tasty, inexpensive, fresh healthy food. The BEST FOOD for the BEST VALUE in the North End. This place has an awesome variety”
  • “I read about Pauli’s in either the Globe or Improper and since, the news article raved about the Lobster roll – I had to have one.  At $14.95 for the “small” roll, I was very pleased with the large quantity of lobster in the toasted buttered bun.  It was fresh, light and just delicious!  Plus a came with a pack of chips on the side.  I can’t imagine what the large lobster roll looks like. My husband was intrigued by the Vito sandwich and we learned that Vito of the Soprano’s had actually been in the shop with Pauli teaching him how to make his sandwich!  Sooo cool and sooo authentic. The girl behind the counter was really sweet and very thankful of my praises of the lobster roll.  I’m coming here for sandwiches from now on.  (And there is a TV with local sports – what else do you need at the sandwich bar)” -Jean Y
  • “This is a great addition to the North End. Yummy, inexpensive, fresh healthy food. I had the buffalo chicken salad last night and it was amazing!” -Karen
  • “Went to Paulis Friday for lunch w/two friends. We all got different sandwiches and they were all out of this world. I personally got the cutlet (so good), even though another friend raved about the california wrap. The bread literally melted in your mouth and the food was so fresh. I thought the prices were excellent and the food portion was perfect. As you can tell, we all concur, we’ll be back. Next we’re trying the catering for office lunches. Can’t wait” -Arthur
  • “This is a must try for anyone who wants a great sub or sandwich while visiting the North End. The buffalo chicken wrap is the way to go. They have lots of choices and the food is less just say better than fresh. More like was that the farmer dropping off vegetables?” -EP
  • “Since its opening, Pauli’s has become a staple for my office and me. While I like to stick to the basic chicken caesar wrap or salad, others have sampled numerous items off of the menu (the mamma lucca is a popular choice) with rave reviews.” -Erin
  • “Ingredients are super fresh here and I have no idea what they do to make the grilled chicken so juicy and well-seasoned, but it is perfect. I’d recommend anything with grilled chicken as it will exceed your expectations.”
  • “If you were to look up PAULI’S in the dictionary you would find the words “BEST WRAPS” in the North End.They also have some great pasta dishes & good subs like the LOBSTER ROLL! MAMMA MIA!.They also have SOFT SERVE ICE CREAM!! So DONT BE AFRAID to check it out! PEACE!!” -John “FED”
  • “Pauli’s is awesome. The thing I appreciate so much about this place is that you can order a wrap/salad/sandwich with grilled chicken and still be served at the same pace as other folks who order other sub shop fare. Usually the order of Grilled chicken adds 5-10 minutes to being served since they have to cook chicken on the flattop from raw. Here’s the thing though, despite being pre-cooked before I order, it is still hot, juicy, and better than the grilled chicken at most sub shops. Don’t know how you do it Pauli, but please keep doing it.” – Scott
  • “This place is great, especially for someone living in the north end. I get sick of the same places and the food here is great and the owner is on site a lot of the time and is very friendly. The staff is nice, quick and make everything fresh right there for you.” –Dani
  • “Pauli’s is really all that you hear. Delicious food, great service and clean cute place. The vibe was great and everyone who was eating around me seems happy while eating their meal simple smile Buzz –Jessica
  • “It was great! I love their logo too, crazy good wicked fresh. It is true. I have to say that may have been the best buff chx wrap ever. I am excited I found a new place near my work that delivers and I can pick up if I feel like a little walk. I will be a repeat customer. The ambiance is great too. It is trendy italian. It’s a breath of fresh air! Can’t wait to try out some new food. — Sher
  • “Mama Lucca sub. Chicken bomb. Steak bomb. They do these three sandwiches so well, it’ shard to want to go anywhere else for lunch. If you work in or near the North End from any direction (West End, Financial District, etc…), and you love classic sub that remind you of childhood, you need to go to Pauli’s. By the way, consistency is the key. They were so consistent with my Mama Lucca sub, it was scary.” – Connor
  • “Paulis offers a legitimate spread of choices – salads, tons of sandwiches/subs/wraps (both cold and hot), dinners, etc. Basically everything is priced lower than anywhere else in the entire North End. A solid-sized sub is only $6.99. I ordered a chicken parm sub and a small order of fries. The sub was great, the fries were great, and it all gave a solid bang-for-your- buck impression.
  • “On top of the diverse offerings and good food, the service was phenomenal. Two of the workers were prepared to take my order upon walking up to the counter, and I had all of my food in less than five minutes. It was pretty incredible. By far the best overall take-out experience I’ve had in the North End, in terms of price, taste and service. In short, this is definitely my new go-to take-out spot. — Marc
  • “My co-worker and I refuse to go anywhere else now. My favorite is the Italian– perfect balance of meat and fresh vegetables. The California wrap is very unique and absolutely delicious for such a healthy option. I just tried the Proscuitto Classico and it’s just as great as everything else that I’ve tried. The staff is really nice and I’m always in and out in five minutes. Super fast service, variety of options and quality food! Highly recommended. -Danielle


  • “the BEST deli I’ve been to! I can’t wait to come back!!!” -Jen
  • “Best place to eat” -Katherine
  • “This is a must try” -Boston Urban Adventures
  • “Big fan of breakfast burritos! Simple, quick and filling”
  • “Food was so good when we were there…we also got some to go”


  • “Yummm – we loved your salads last week! simple smile Buzz -@SirSpeedyBoston
  • “One of my favorite places in the Northend for a nice salad or wrap” – @NewsyAngela
  • “Stopped into @PaulisBoston for a quick lunch while shooting cupcakes around Boston. A clear @tvdiner hotspot! Try them for breakfast too!” -@scottwholley
  • “Loving @paulisboston before @coldplay” -@groovygreenlivi
  • “had @PaulisBoston – the best breakfast food in the north end hands down check it out next time you are on salem” -@AlexHodara
  • “Who needs Chick Fil A when you’ve got Pauli’s North End?” -@Mesoian
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